Quality in a leader

What do you think is the most important quality in a leader? Describe a time you have attempted to embody this quality when working with others.

earning from mistakes is a part of professional development, and strong leaders are able to effectively handle challenges. Describe a specific instance when you made a mistake or encountered a setback that helped you grow as a leader. What did you do and how are you applying those lessons learned in your current work

An important goal of the Fellowship is to develop skills that Fellows need to help them give back to their home communities through their professional or personal work. Describe a specific problem or challenge in your community that you have solved or are currently working to address. Explain the steps you took or are taking to address the problem. Why is this issue important to you?

Based on your understanding of your preferred track, what skills and knowledge do you hope to gain from the Fellowship that you would not be able to develop through other education or training? How will you use those skills and that knowledge to adapt your activities in your home country within the next 3 — 5 years?

What are your goals for the Professional Development Experience? How would you apply an experience working in a U.S. organization to your work after returning to your home country?


































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