Quality Management

Quality Management

In the information technology company like Sony, quality focuses on meeting the requirements of the customer. It is a measure of excellence in developing products that are free from defects, significant variations, and deficiencies (Carlgren, 2013). This can be achieved by consistent and strict commitment to high standards that accomplish product uniformity in order to satisfy specific customer needs. The company must work to identify current trends in the market and develop tactical strategies in order to achieve a competitive advantage and remain ahead of others in the market.

Internal customers in the Sony Company include the customer care service, suppliers, marketing team, manufacturing, and the IT section. Carlgren (2013) notes that the first step to satisfying their needs is by identifying what they lack and need to work effectively, including employee training, service standards, job swaps, and management of performance. Internal customers in the different departments within the company contribute substantially to the effectiveness of individual sections of production, as well as in the quality of the final product. Removing barriers that hinder successful working and having clear standards enhance the process of production. Employees need trainings on how to handle external customers and to promote teamwork within the organization. Subsequent leadership and monitoring are necessary to ensure that standards and quality are adhered to. External customers include the individuals who buy the products such as the Sony High Definition Cameras and those seeking services on their IT gadgets in the Sony Service Outlets.

The needs of the external customers can be addressed by investigating, identifying, assessing, and including their needs in the planning process (Carlgren, 2013). This will ensure that the company identifies the most current trends in the market, so that they can adjust the quality, value, and design of their products according to the needs of the consumers. The customer service should also be accessible, friendly, and able to satisfy various concerns and complaints raised (Carlgren, 2013). The Sony Company meets most of the quality principles such as customer focus, process approach, continual improvement, and mutual beneficial supplier relationship. This is reflected in the Company’s role as a long time market leader in the IT products, as well as its high quality products that are competitive in the market. In the current competitive markets, only companies that are able to meet customers’ requirements can achieve this status. However, there is more to be done on the customer care service which is not so accessible.


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