Quality Management ;a ‘house of quality’ diagram for IPhone 8

Solve the following two assignments in Quality Management course

Assignment 1: Construct and explain a ‘house of quality’ diagram for IPhone 8 while making reasonable assumptions about:
1 The What’s (requirements) of customers
2 The How’s (features) of the product
3 Technical difficulty in creating these features
4 Benchmarking its performance against close competitors (Samsung and Microsoft)

  • Note: You may substitute the product i.e. iPhone 8 with a car (e.g. GMC Yukon) or a Mexican American restaurant (e.g. Applebee’s) or anything else that matches better with your interests or experiences.

Assignment 2: Critically appraise the QM efforts of your respective companies. Identify the areas of improvement and suggest the ways on how your companies could better implement TQM practices for maximum productivity and value?

Sample Solution