Quality of Healthcare

Reflect upon the patient experience, patient safety, and healthcare cost as well as Joint Commission’s role in quality healthcare. Write a 1500-2000 APA Style 7th

edition paper (Include introduction and a conclusion paragraph). A minimum of two current scholarly resources (less than 5 years old) , other than the provided

material, is required. The paper needs to addresses the following questions:

How would you apply the principles of the Triple Aim initiative to improve quality, safety and satisfaction in the acute care or long-term care setting?
Reflect on your current or future role in healthcare. How you would you, in the role of director of nursing or healthcare administrator contribute to improving cost

effective quality care, patient satisfaction, and patient safety?
What practices would you apply to minimize medical errors among front-line nursing staff?
Learning Materials

Nickitas, D. M., Middaugh, D. J., & Feeg, M. D. (2019). Policy and politics for nurses and other health professionals: Advocacy and action. (3rd ed.). Sudbury, MA:

Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Read Chapters 4 & 8. This is a classroom book and must be downloaded and used in the paper.

Sample Solution