Quality Safety & Leadership

you are a systems change expert either working solo or part of a consulting firm. Create a name for your
organization and letterhead. You have been asked to review the IOM documents and make recommendations
based on your expert knowledge.
After reviewing the summary report, slides, and video under, the many readings from Duffy (2013) throughout
the QSL courses, and Laloux (2016), prepare a response letter to Dr. Patricia Ganz. In your letter,
acknowledge the strengths of the report and share with Dr. Ganz at least two recommendations for improving
the cancer care system based on your new-found systems knowledge. If she were to reconvene the committee
on your recommendation, what would the committee focus on? What are the next steps? Do not be
constrained by current systems in your thinking and recommendations for this assignment.
format and style requirements
1-2 page letter on letterhead (your letterhead from your firm)
The voice of the letter can be from you as the expert or you can represent your own committee or group of

Sample Solution