Quantitative or Qualitative Nursing Research Article Critique

Choose a nursing quantitative or qualitative research article to write a Nursing Research Critique paper. It is required that the article is authored by a nurse from a peer-reviewed nursing journal and not a medical journal. Include a title page stating Quantitative or Qualitative Nursing Research Article Critique, your name, date, course title, and instructor name. Use Times New Roman with a 12-font and attach a copy of the article being reviewed and critiqued.   Staple all papers on the left upper corner. 

For a Quantitative Study include the following:
1.Quantitative Research Article Critique
2.Research Problem
3.Review of Literature, critique these sections.
a.Are the references current? How many sources are from the last 10 years?
b.How many sources are from the last 5 years?
c.What is known and unknown about the research problem?
4.Research Hypothesis
5.Identify the major study variables. Define each variable type as one of the following:
a.Independent variables
b.Dependent variables
c.Research variables
6.Selection of Subjects/population
a.Identify the type of each measurement strategy, such as the Likert scale, visual analog scale, physiological measure, questionnaire, observation, or interview.
9.Describe and critique researcher’s Results/Interpretation of findings
a.What study limitations were identified by researcher?
b.How did the researcher generalize the findings?
c.What are the implications of the findings for nursing?
d.What suggestions for further study were identified?
e.Is the description of the study sufficiently clear for replication?
10.Discussion and Conclusion

Sample Solution