Query letter of the magazine article


Read below for instructions on writing the letter.
Along with each article, you will write a one-page query letter addressed to a
magazine you would like to sell your story to. To find a publication, consult the Writer’s Market

Sample Querry Letter
18950 Canterberry Ct. Rowland Heights, CA 91748
Mrs. Michele Promaulayko
Women’s Health, Rodale, Inc.
300 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019

Dear Mrs. Michele Promaulayko:
As a women’s health magazine editor, I suppose you must have heard about human papillomavirus. But are you completely feeling comfortable with talking about this sexual transmitted disease to others? My article will probably help you with that awkward situation, as you may agree, good health should be a valued condition in the lives of all people regardless of their background.
This article entitled “An Awkward Conversation about HPV can save from Cancer” is providing an insightful and in-depth discussion about the most common infected STD – human papillomavirus (HPV). This fatally disease has shown high prevalence over the past decades to the extent that if not managed well and early enough is considered a disaster since it has been proved that nearly all cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV.
Regarding to the contents and lengths of my article, it will range between 1100-1500 words and will includes general people’s reactions to fundamental ideas of HPV, the first-hand story of a victim and informing advices from a health educator. The prevalence of this disease and its ability to spread in such a fast speed has prompted me to start researching about the disease and seeking a popular platform like your reputable magazine to raise more awareness long ago. Thus, the article can be done in about 3 days after this query was sent.
I am a proficient motivational writer and has gained my knowledge and skills from talk shows, guests, and forum within and outside the university. The experience has afforded me great writing and research skills in creating informative and insightful stories and articles, providing the audience with what they want to hear. I have been intricately involved in intense epidemiological research work on human health has bequeathed me fundamental concepts and understanding of women’s health issues.

I appreciate you considering this query.



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