Questions to Think About

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Chapter 11

Questions to Think About
Chapter/Primary Source Topic Question: After you have read Chapter 11 and the primary sources for this lesson, think about the following question:

How did dependence on agriculture (especially cotton) and slavery shape the distinctive culture of the Old South and why did southern whites who did not own slaves defend the “peculiar institution”? What proportion of the White South owned slaves and how did such a small number of slave-owning planters exercise such a dominating hegemony over southern society and politics? How did southern apologists argue that slavery was a “positive good”?

Film Topic Question: After you watched the film listed in the Viewing – Comprehension section for this lesson, think about the following question:

While all abolitionists shared a hatred for slavery, they differed in the arguments they made and the tactics they adopted. Discuss the views of two leading abolitionists mentioned in the film – David Walker and William Lloyd Garrison. Which of the two favored non-violence and why?

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