Race and racism in the US

Analyze the two news articles and link them to the two peer reviewed articles.
Find a news article on a news organization’s website. The
news article must:

  • be recently published (this year)
  • be published by a mainstream, reputable news organization. Blog entries are NOT allowable,
    nor are articles from fringe news organizations, either right-wing or left-wing. While these are
    not your only options, I suggest you start with news organizations such as
    www.washingtonpost.com, www.npr.org, www.nytimes.com, www.usatoday.com,
    www.time.com, www.newsweek.com.
    Peer-reviewed articles:
    Telling tales what stories can us about racism
    You’ve got to teach people that racism
    is wrong and then they won’t be racist’:
    Curricular representations and young people’s
    understandings of ‘race’ and racism

Sample Solution