Race gender and new media biography

Succinctly – in 1000 words or less – tell us about your history with new media, digital technology, and the Internet. Conclude with a paragraph (or three) summarizing your attitudes towards digital media, social media, and Internet-enabled technologies.

Themes to consider as you write:

How ˜identity’ and ‘culture’ might be identified or described and theorised in the context of your everyday life, the environments you inhabit, the institutions you participate in, and the relationships between any and all of these things.
How “social” media and mobile technologies have affected your life and the lives of those around you.
How your understanding of privacy, work, and education has shifted over the last five years.
How digital media (as soft and hard technologies) shapes your interactions with popular culture, in terms of commercial media objects and in terms of lived experience;
How digital media effect new intimacies between minds, bodies and machines.

Sample Solution