Racial Inequality


Racial Inequality. What do you conclude about racism and racial identity in reading # 31 (Showing my Color by Clarence Page)? Do you think the reading is still relevant today? (3 pts) The sociologist, William Wilson, argues that social class is more important than race in determining the life chances of African Americans. Quoting the textbook and/or the Reader &/or current events, please present Wilson’s argument and state if you agree with him or not and why. (5 pts) On another page, reply to Emma Vollrath response, in a meaningful way using your sociological knowledge. Below is what she wrote. (2 pts) Emma Vollrath response: After reading showing my Color by Clarence Page, the reading just reaffirmed of what I already knew about America. And that is racism and segregation is still very prominent everywhere. Page brings up how it commonly occurs on college campuses, neighborhoods, jobs, and so much more. Race plays a huge role in how you are likely to be treated in America. The reading is definitely still relevant today as racism in America still persists, especially still in neighborhoods where there is a lot of racial segregation, in colleges where there are separate colleges for blacks and whites, and in business where some jobs won’t hire you if you are of a different color. William Wilson argues that social class is more important than race in determining the life chances of African Americans. I do agree with this statement that Wilson makes because on page 347 he says, “When civil rights laws opened up new opportunities, African Americans seized them and millions entered the middle class, moved to the suburbs and were working white-collar jobs. In the inner city were the less educated and less skilled who depended on blue collar jobs which eventually moved to the suburbs which left the inner city workers with no jobs.” It all depends on location and opportunity, which is why education should always be available to everybody. Racial segregation also plays a huge role in social class vs race is because as Wilson stated, the ones who moved to the suburbs attained white color jobs, and the ones in the inner city stayed there and could only work blue collar jobs with the inability to move up the ladder.





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