Radical Religion and Political Extremism

You will receive THREE (3) questions for this discussion board forum. You will be showing how much you have grasped the basic concepts and also understand some of the more advanced subtleties. The questions can also be controversial opinion-piece questions, allowing you to work at developing original arguments and support them in concise, compelling ways.

You should spend 250 words for EACH question. :
Explain how ‘Establishment Buddhism’ does not seem to run in conflict with modern capitalist development in Thailand. What modern developments do however cause concern amongst traditional Buddhists?
What does it mean when some scholars argue the term ‘Hindu fundamentalism’ is in fact a contradiction in terms?
Wintrobe theorizes that a high level of social cohesion could partially account for a “rational” suicide bomber. Discuss the reasons why he believes social connectedness is not wholly sufficient and whether you agree or disagree. What examples/evidence are the basis for your opinion?

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