Reaction paper for Unprecedented: the 2000 Presidential Election

  1. Watch the 50 minute film Unprecedented: the 2000 Presidential Election. Here’s the YouTube link: I have this linked on the Moodle site as well.
    The DVD/Video version may also be found in local libraries and movie rental places. I recommend calling first to see if they have a copy.
  2. Write a 3-5 page paper—typed, double-spaced, font size 11-14 discussing the content of the film. And yes, your personal reaction to what happened is welcomed. For additional formatting instructions, refer to the Movie Review assignment. Worth 10 points!
  3. Things you should include and respond to:

a. What role(s) did Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, George Bush, Al Gore have in this event. Who were they? What did each hope to achieve?
b. Discuss the voter registration efforts to bring more African-Americans to the polling place.
c. Discuss the attempt to purge voters off of the voter registration list—what did it attempt to do? How was it done? What did it achieve? Was it a violation of voter’s rights?
d. What other factors took place that discouraged voters on election day? Were there enough ballots? Did the ballot machines work? Explain!!
e. What role did the military personnel serving overseas play in the outcome of the election?
f. Discuss the role of the county voter registrars in the voter recount efforts. What obstacles did they face? How did they, if at all, overcome those obstacles?
g. Your thoughts?

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