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Questions are about
by Professor Jennifer Lee.

1) Why isn’t high educational attainment for Asian-Americans simply a question of culture, according to Lee? Explain how Lee’s argument about hyper-selectivity challenges the model minority myth.

2) Does Lee’s argument about immigrant selectivity reflect a social constructionist, conflict theory or a functionalist view of race? In your first paragraph, explain the theoretical framework(s) you think Lee is employing. In your second paragraph, use evidence from the Lee article to support your response to this question.

3) Based on your understanding of sociological research methodology, reconstruct two sociological research questions that seem to have guided Professor Lee’s research based on the data and argument she presents. First, explain what constitutes a sociological research question. Then formulate two questions that you think she has sought to answer through her empirical research. Identify the independent and dependent variables in each question, a possible hypothesis the question was testing, and the likely research method used to analyze the relationship between these variables.

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