Reading assessment and technology

For this benchmark, you will create a 30-minute digital presentation (15 slides) that can be utilized as a professional development presentation. Use the IRI report you administered in Topic 4, and the research you conducted on reliability a. validity issues related to IRIS and Lexile in Topic 2 as the basis for your presentation.
Include a title slide, reference slide, and presenter notes within your presentation. Your presentation should address the following areas,
Provide a rationale for the IRI you used. Using information in the IRI, provide a rationale for how you would use this data to promote student growth. Evaluate the assessment tool and the conditions under which it was administered for bias. Include how any such issues may have affected the IRI results. Describe how you would communicate the diagnostic assessments to the student’s teacher. Support this communication with the followMg, (a) References to your research in your field experience on IRIS related validity and reliability issues, including prior knowledge a. (b) identify cultural bias considerations. Create a list of 3-5 online sites or technology resources that would assist parents, teachers, and students in selecting reading material within the students’ Lexile range. Explain your rationale for choosing these resources. Write a 250-500-word reflection on your experience in developing this presentation. Indicate how you believe it will provide a positive support for student growth as well as how the information regarding online sites will assist parents, teachers, and students.

Sample Solution