Reading Drawings

Step 2: On your text page(s), make a list of figures 1-8 and label what they show, e.g.:
Fig. x: U-U, cross-section towards East
Fig. y: V-V, elevation view from North
Step 3: Answer each of the 9 questions carefully:
In fig. 3, you see a porch with three arcuated (= with an arch) windows and an arcuated entrance opening (the
closed door behind it is in the church wall). On the very right, there is another, wide, arcuated entrance: this
leads into a tomb chamber that was added at a later date to the building. Between these two volumes, what
kind of a gabled building portion is situated there? (Compare with plan view to find out.)
What kind of columns flank the open entrance in fig. 4?
In fig. 5, you see an upper window with a double-arched opening. What kind of space lies behind it? (Compare
with a longitudinal section view.)
Fig. 1: How many isles does this church have, and what kind of building type does it represent?
Is there any space in the church interior that is not barrel-vaulted?
How many bays does the main nave of this church have?
Where does the staircase in the interior of the church leaders, and which fig. shows the plan view of that space –
fig. 1 or fig. 2?
To which wall (N,E,S,W) is the staircase in the interior of the church attached? (look at fig. 8)
In which kingdom do you think this Pre-Romanesque church was built?
Terminological note: Fig. 1 shows six free-standing structural elements. These are piers, not columns.
Recommendation: Read the questions of Step 3 at the same time as you work on Step 2: you may find helpful
hints in the questions.

Sample Solution