Reading memos

After completing the readings for a particular week, you will need to turn in a memo consisting of a one page, single-spaced reflection. You will need to upload the memo in Word or PDF format into Canvas, otherwise it will not be graded. In this memo you need to 1) briefly summarize (1-2 sentences) the main point/argument of each reading (you need to do this for each chapter/article assigned); 2) discuss your thoughts/impressions/comments related to the readings overall, drawing on your own lived experiences with the topic, knowledge from other classes, exposure to outside sources, etc. and 3) develop two questions for that week’s readings that you would like to go over in recitation. If there are questions you are not comfortable sharing with the class, please make a note of this on your memo. If there are questions related to the readings that you included on your memos and that did not get answered in class, it is your responsibility to either bring them up in the next section or to talk to me or your TA during office hours.

Sample Solution