Reading response

Reading: Kaplan, ch. 8 (“Women talk more than men”)
Please answer question 1, and either question 2 or 3. Keep your response to one

  1. (Everyone answer this). In section 8.2.2 (pp. 163–165), Kaplan describes two
    studies that investigate how women and men produce different sociolinguistic
    variants. Discuss how these studies relate to the statement by Labov (2001),
    that “[w]omen conform more closely than men to sociolinguistic norms that
    are overtly prescribed, but conform less than men when they are not.”
    (Pick one of the following two to answer):
  2. A common theme throughout the chapter is that differences in linguistic behavior between women and men are “context-dependent”. Illustrate this point
    with three specific examples, from different parts of the chapter.
  3. Do exercise (1) on p. 185 (“Interview two people. . . ”)

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