Real estate development


Your Task
In Chapter Three, we review various types of encumbrances. Create a summary of the various encumbrances (as explained to a 15-year-old) that we review in the textbook. Include the list below:

Blanket Encumbrance
Liens (Money)
Trust Deeds and Mortgages
Mechanic’s Liens
Judgments and Attachments
Tax Liens and Special Assessments
General Liens
Specific Liens
Non-Money Encumbrances
Building Restrictions & Zoning
Answers the questions below:

Which encumbrance do you think is the most threatening (or detrimental) to a homeowner? There is no “right” answer, per se, so you will have to include the valid reasons for your argument.
How can homeowners ‘protect’ their homes from forced sale to satisfy their debts?
Remember to cite your sources.

Sample Solution