Real Estate Law

Possible topics include the following:
•constitutionality of eminent domain;
•discriminatory practices in real property ownership;
•buying vs. renting;
•zoning issues or discrimination against the building of new mosques;
•environmental issues in real estate transactions;
•fixture: real or personal property;
•legal rights of squatters;
•homeowner association problems;
•real estate disclosure laws; or
•tenant rights versus landlord rights.
Regardless of your selected topic, your paper must include:
•Summarize one of the articles you selected from the Ashford University Library.
•an analysis of the real estate issue involved, presenting both sides of the particular real estate issue;
•a discussion of the federal, state, and local laws that may be applicable in resolving your particular real estate issue;
•at least two recommendations on how the real estate issue can be resolved, using either actual cases or your own real life examples to support your analysis;

Sample Solution