Realistic and less structured problems in Advanced Accounting

Cases-To refine your writing skills and your ability to analyze and resolve more realistic and less structured
problems in Advanced Accounting, there will be two graded case exercises based on real-world examples that
have been adapted for teaching purposes.
Cases will be graded on the quality and accuracy of your answers, for breadth, depth and quality of analysis,
quality of writing and professional impression. It is important to be both complete and concise in your case
analyses. Do not repeat or summarize the case facts, except where needed to support a posiiton. Your cases
analyses will be limited to four pages each and must be in memorandum format, double-spaced, font of 11, and
have left and right margins of at least 1”. Discussion of cases is an important part of the course, so late cases
will not be accepted and will receive a zero. Be prepared to discuss and defend your positions on the case in

Sample Solution