Rear Window/ It Had to be murder

You need to watch the movie Rear Windows(1954) and read the book “It Had to Be Murder (1942)” to complete the assignment.


  1. What details did Hitchcock change or add to “It Had to Be Murder” in making Rear Window? With what results?
  2. Has Hitchcock enriched or detracted from Woolrich’s “It Had to Be Murder” by dropping Sam and by adding the characters of Lisa and Stella in Rear Window?
  3. What techniques do Hitchcock and Woolrich use to make us believe that Thorwald has murdered his wife?
  4. Discuss the significance of the titles of “It had to Be Murder” and Rear Window. Why did Hitchcock change the title and is it a better title for the movie? Would Rear Window have been a better title for Woolrich’s short story?
  5. Why is Woolrich’s “It had to Be Murder” a good read but forgettable and Hitchcock’s Rear Window a masterpiece?
  6. Discuss voyeurism as an issue in “It Had to Be Murder” and Rear Window.

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