Recruitment and Selection Strategy Report

Take on the role of an HR consultant in our MGTS7612 consulting business and present a detailed and evidenced based recommendation to me, as the Principal Consultant in your business, for the recruitment and selection strategy you have previously presented to your colleagues. Not every manager would expect this level of justification, but I place particular importance on the application of evidence based practice.

You will be seeking approval to initiate the recruitment and selection strategy as you have designed it. Your recommendation will be structured as a report, and will include a critical analysis drawing on the academic literature to explain and justify your choices of tools to be used in recruitment and selection and the overall process to come to a final decision about the successful applicant.

Your Position Description and your Job Advertisement, revised based on feedback from your previous assignments, should be included as an appendix.

Clear and concise written communication is an important skill to develop and hone. A template will be provided with guidance on the required sections. The word limit is 2000 words (excluding references, appendices, up to three tables with minimal text and the executive summary). Text beyond 2000 words will be neither read nor assessed. Appendices must be referenced in-text, presented in order of that reference, and clearly necessary for you to present your recommendation.

In order to argue for your strategy with evidence from current research on recruitment and selection, you must use a minimum of ten (10) good quality, peer reviewed journal articles to support your arguments. Please, please, pretty please use the course reading list provided as a starting point. You may also draw on other good quality sources as appropriate but you must avoid references to text books.

Sample Solution