Recruitment and selection strategy

Choose an organization and create a strategic recruitment and selection strategy. Provide background and
current status of the organization. Choose an organization that allows you to consider the complexity of
recruitment and selection of knowledge workers. You may choose an organization in higher education,
healthcare, retail, technology, etc. [Reference Written Assignment 2.] Factors to consider include:
Demographics / job mix
Total number of employees within the organization
Level of projected or expected growth
Analyze the value of an integrated systems approach to the recruitment and selection strategy. Consider the
return on investment (ROI).
Clearly define the work analysis and job analysis methods to be included in the plan. Define how this analysis
will help in the strategic process of recruitment and selection.
Create a table that clearly defines how job and work analysis data will be collected. [Reference the content
from Written Assignment 1.]
Make sure that you have addressed testing/assessment methods and addressed issues related to fairness and
equity. [Reference Discussion Forum 4.]
Consider the legal and ethical implications of your recommendations.

Sample Solution