Recruitment Plan, Selection Method and Completed Performance Evaluation

Recruitment Plan

Recruitment acts as the principle foundation upon which the employee selection process is based. Organizations cannot succeed in hiring suitable workers when they do not attract best candidates (Bev, 2009). As such, this recruitment plan aims at ensuring that the organization attracts a suitable receptionist to fill the existing vacancy. Accomplishment of this plan will be enhanced through four stages.

Creation of the Company’s Examination and Hiring Efficient Procedures

Time consuming and complex procedures often hinder organization’s capabilities of obtaining right workers. Thus, this step will be conducted to ensure that the recruitment process is efficient and timely (Bev, 2009). Some methods that will be employed include provision of open exams, development of an easy hiring-above-minimum course for qualified candidates and creation of a certification list from hiring interviews directly.

Dedication of Resources to Retention and Recruitment

This stage is vital in the development of the organization’s recruitment office, which has dedicated personnel and resources. Thus, there will be the creation of an Ad Hoc Recruiters’ division staff (Bev, 2009). This will be followed by development of training programs for recruiters who will aid in working recruitment responsibilities into the existing statement of duties. Besides, a recruiter’s kit will be developed to enhance this process. Consequently, recruitment activities will be assessed to determine their efficiency.

Use of Technology in Uplifting the Department’s Profile

One of the main cost-effective mechanisms of reaching appropriate applicants is through existing technologies such as the internet (Bev, 2009). Some methods that will be used in this stage are sending email alerts concerning exams and job openings, enhancement of job positions page on the organization’s website and posting examination bulletins on appropriate websites among others.

Marketing of the Organization as an Enviable Employer

Some of the successful recruitment initiative are branding and marketing. As such, this recruitment plan will be integrated with these two elements. Some of the approaches that will be employed here include development of a publication providing promotional paths and career development information (Bev, 2009). Moreover, portfolio, recruitment brochure and series of brochures series will be developed to market the organization’s job opportunity.  

Selection method


Interviews will be used in the selection process. They will be scheduled after the date established for closing. This undertaking aids in reducing possibilities of losing suitable candidates. The interview structure will be developed in relation to the questioning elements. Determination of the questioning components assists in ensuring all managerial post specification aspects are addressed. Each panel member will be granted questioning areas so that issues of overlap and repetition can be avoided.  In addition, this undertaking will help panel discuss their expectations in relation to complete answers, which match the questions asked prior to the interview.

Same questioning places need to be addressed for all applicants so that fairness can be attained. Care will be embraced to prevent panel members from arriving at assumptions based on abilities of candidates, which are linked to applicants’ employment history. Information clarification will be accomplished through asking supplementary questions. On the contrary, panel members will not be required to ask discriminatory questions. Furthermore they will be forbidden from interpretation answers carelessly as this may exhibit prejudice.

Presentations and Selection Test

Receptionist-related tests and presentations will be employed as elements of the hiring process. This action will aid in facilitating the reliability and suitability of the selection process as it reveals other candidates’ aspects, which may be vital for the selection course. Applicants will be provided with same information on hiring tests that are based on topic test durations and topic areas. Plain language, which is in the writing form, will also be employed in the explanation of selection tests. Care will be taken to prevent discrimination during this course since this can have legal consequences.

Completed Performance Evaluation

The Performance evaluation is based on the following areas:


In this area, the employee’s performance is more than satisfactory because the employee exceeded quality and time slightly. The employee’s typing accuracy is 90% against 96%. Employee’s performance exceeds expectations as the worker has exceeded the objective on quality and time. The employee completes work with 24 hours as opposed to 48 hours


Performance is Satisfactory because the employee has met the objective on quality and time in relation to accuracy.  The employees’ filing accuracy is 82% against 98%

Answering Calls

In the answering of calls, the employee’s performance is more than satisfactory because the employee exceeded quality and time slightly. The employee answers ring within 2 rings as opposed to 3rings. In relation to screening of calls, the worker’s performance needs improvement as the employees is far below quality. The worker forwards calls that need screening. On the other side, the performance of the worker in provision of messages Needs improvement as the employee is far below quality. The employee does issue messages upon availability or return of staff.

Provide Information

Employee’s performance needs improvement as the current one is far below quality. This is evident in customers’ dislike of the employee.

Input applications

Accuracy of the employee in this area is 70% as opposed to 100%. Thus, the performance is Satisfactory because the employee has met the objective on quality and time in relation to accuracy. Job completion in this area is done by the deadline.

Mail Job Flyers

Worker’s performance is satisfactory as the employee has met the objective on quality. Only 20% of fliers are returned.

Distribute Staff Mail

The employee needs improvement as the performance is far below the objective of quality and time. The employee cannot track mails, does no ensure that staff obtains mails at all times and is linked to untimely overnights, which makes staff miss deadlines.

Log Checks

The performance of the worker is more than satisfactory as the objective of quality and time has been met. Accuracy is 100% as logs are provided at the needed time.

Recruitment Folders

In relation to file creation, the performance of the employee is satisfactory as the objective of time and quality and time has been met.

Job Hotline

In this area, the performance of the employee is satisfactory as the objective of time and quality and time has been met. Job hotlines are recorded at the required time. However, the employee’s performance needs improvement in relation to creating accurate information. The employee creates inaccurate information.

Personnel Forms

Employee’s performance in this area need improvements as the employee missed deadlines for the preparation of personnel forms.


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