Recycling/Distribution of Resources

Part A instructions on how to narrow the topicThe purposes of this part of the assignment are to: 1.choose a
small topic to write about2.choose a topic that interests you3.learn to find sources4.learn to use the information
that you reveal from simpler searches to perform more focused and complex searches.How do I narrow my
topic to make it manageable for all parts of the discussion assignment?To do this, you will have to search the
broader topic with google and/or look at the online environmental science publication listed under #4,
Discussion sources and instructions or other publications online. Youtube is also a good source if you would
rather listen to the information about the topic.The idea is that you choose a topic that interests you. As you
read the articles on google, listen to youtube, and read articles, you will learn a lot about the topic. You will
learn vocabulary that you can put into the google search bar to find out more about your topic or narrow it
further.Then, when you are satisfied that the topic is small enough to write about, search for opposing

Sample Solution