Reflection is about forgiveness

The second part of this reflection is about forgiveness. You may choose to combine your responses to the questions below with the questions above (for example, the person in the conflict above may be the same person you want to forgive below). You may also choose to speak about two separate instances (your conflict management example can be completely different from the forgiveness example).

Please answer the following questions:

Have you come to associate a person with a painful memory or negativity? If so, who? Why? What happened? How does this person make you feel?
Do you want to forgive this person? If so, what are some steps you can take to forgive them (how can you work on your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to let go of this grudge)?
If you have already forgiven them, what did this healing process look like for you?
If you don’t want to forgive them, why not? What are the costs of holding onto this resentment?
What are some benefits you might see for yourself if you forgave them?

Sample Solution