Reflection on Simulation Performance OF CapsimCore

• Which strategy did you choose for Round 8? Why did you choose that strategy?
• What was the basis of your decision in each category (R & D, Finance, Marketing, and Production) for Round 8. Be sure to include the actual numbers you selected as well as the reasoning behind that selection.
• What worked well with your strategy in Round 8? Why?
• What would you have done differently in Round 8? Why?
• Overall, how well did you perform in the entire simulation (all rounds) based upon the five items in the Capsim Simulation Results: Focus document?
• What was the best decision you made throughout the entire simulation? Why was this the best?
• When looking back over the entire simulation, what is one decision you would change? Why?
• What were the biggest challenges with the simulation?
• What did you learn regarding how each of the areas (Research and Development [R&D], Finance, Production, and Marketing) work together or influence one another within the company?
• What will you take away from the simulation that could be useful in the future?







Sample Solution