Reflection paper

Use the
to guide and document your observations.

Write a 525- to 700-word reflection paper that compares each observation and provides the following information:

Describe each setting. Include the type of setting, the grade or age level, the classroom demographics, and the philosophy, model, or approach the school/program follows.
Describe the classroom organization at each observation and determine how it impacted classroom management and promoted physical, social, and cognitive development.
Describe the student engagement or non-engagement at each observation and determine what factors contributed to that. Include any evidence of efforts made to help engage the students.
Describe the classroom expectations and interactions at each observation, and determine whether they were clear and developmentally appropriate. Provide examples of evidence of positive reinforcement, mutual respect, and positive interactions between the children and the teacher.
Describe the schedule, transitions, and routines at each observation. Determine whether the schedules were developmentally appropriate, and whether or not the routine activities and transition practices between activities were effective.
Summarize any insight gained from these observations, and identify if there was anything surprising to you about either of the observations. Explain how you will apply it to your future role as a teacher.

Sample Solution