Reflective Journal

You are encouraged to provide a structured abstract for this official assignment. Please consider something in the lines of…

Abstract/Overview (you choose what you want to call it)
(Think Purpose). My aim in this reflective essay is to first provide an overview of what I have learned so far in the class: Values, Ethics and Sustainability. I also intend on sharing my personal vision statement describing my current and future contributions to business and society.
(Think about your Design/methodology/approach of the essay). To this end, I have decided to organize my essay in five parts (talk about all five parts here in this paragraph). In the first section, I will provide an overview of the most contemporary issues (no more than 3 please) my fellow classmates discussed in each of the chapters by ….(those presenting the terms). In the second… in the third, and lastly… Then, organize the parts accordingly.

Next, I share with you how you can organize the entire essay after the abstract/overview.

Part I. Give it a title, a catchy one.
This is straight forward. You need to list a good number of topics (terms) you learned during the chapters presentations by the students. What impacted you the most? Students normally provide a nice discussion of what each of the new terms they learned mean to them. Examples are usually a good way to share a comprehensive discussion. You can even draw from your own reaction paper here.
Sentence 1: definition from book, or given by the student presenting term in his/her reaction paper. Sentence 2: an external definition – perhaps a dictionary. Sentence 3: apply it – where can you use the term (most likely in the short case described at the end of the chapter).

Part II. Give it a title, again, catchy…
… In the second section, I have decided to incorporate some of discussions (no more than 3 please) we have had from the short cases in the textbook, as well as other materials we used in class….

Here you would provide a discussion on what each of the short cases from the textbook are telling you? What have been those implications to future managers based on these short cases? How do they help you develop good managerial skills and decision making skills?
Sentence 1: this case was about the airline industry…
Sentence 2: the issue was….
Sentence 3: the decision made was
Sentence 4: if asked … (look for one of the case questions and answer it)

Sample Solution