Identify clearly the policy you’ve chosen to discuss, who implemented it, what environmental/natural resource issue it is being used to address, its objective, and how long it has been in place?

History of the policy: (15points)
What is the stated rationale for the policy? When was it introduced and by whom? Has the policy raised any controversy; if so, from whom and why? Have any changes been made to the policy since it was introduced, if so, when and why?

Policy analysis: (20points)
Is the policy achieving its objectives; if so, to what extent? Is it having any unintended effects; if so, what are they? Can it be justified on economic grounds; explain? Is it efficient/dynamically efficient; explain? Who are the winners and losers; explain?

Analysis of policy alternatives: (20points)
Are there policy alternatives that could achieve the same objective; if so, describe them? Were those policy alternatives considered at the time the policy was introduced; if so, why was the policy chosen over the alternatives? What are the pros and cons of the policy and any policy alternatives?

Conclusion: (15points)
What are the key findings of your paper and policy analysis. This section must be logical distillation of the previous sections. (half page)




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