Refutation essay on two articles about marijuana

Effective argument requires not only the ability to advance one’s own position, but to refute opposing positions as well. Being able to spot the weaknesses in an opposition’s argument is critical to making a successful argument. This essay assignment is designed to give you practice in that. The refutation essay should challenge another’s argument by establishing that its claims, evidence, and/or logical inferences are flawed and/or unacceptable. You can also argue that there is evidence or information that the arguer ignores or doesn’t address.
Here are your choices in essays. You must choose one of these to refute (both in D2L): “Jeff Sessions Marijuana Candor °We got into medical marijuana to help people. Now we’re under siege:
Your refutation essay should include the following: A clear, focused specific thesis statement Clear, focused topic sentences and concluding sentences Proper MLA format, including Works Cited page Avoid grammar/mechanics/style errors Make sure you clearly identify the specific claim or claims against which you will argue. A summary of the argument you are refuting. An acknowledgement of the strengths, if any, of the argument. A refutation of those claims appearing in this argument that you believe are not well-supported. Evidence to support your own claim that the argument should be rejected:























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