Regulating Corporate Morality

For this assignment, you will write a paper in a Microsoft Word document. The length should be no more than five pages of content (quality versus quantity). Your paper should be written in APA style with appropriate references and bibliography. Titles pages and abstracts are not necessary. 2. Complete the assigned readings for this unit. The good news is this week’s reading assignment does not include a review of case law per se, but we will review case law (the O’Bannon ruling) and antitrust law. 3. In addition to your textbook, reading the following: 4. In your writing assignment, legally evaluate the O’Bannon case and the companion cases referenced in the reading assignment. Then decide upon a business action plan* for the universities or student athletes. Conduct proper research to support your conclusions about the law to support your answer. Your paper should utilize the following subheadings for thoroughness and clarity by addressing: Parties Important Facts Legal Issues Jurisdiction Legal Analysis Business Action Plan* Change the Law/Precedent The Business Action Plan must be laid out by additional subheadings following the format of this link:




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