Relationship between vacation time and US Production rates

“Is there a relationship between the low number of vacation days taken and the steady decline in US Production rates?” You must find US census data on vacation days used and unused. You must find US census data on the rates of US production for the past 5 years. We must find out if there is a correlation Run a regression analysis: Any calcs must be supported in Excel the paper must include: An introduction that explains the question–please see attachment for my intro. A short summary about what chapters this relates to from our book “Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics”. Book access is found at What is new about this study? Why is the least squares regression a good method to answer the question? Describe where your data is from (sources) Graph the data with a regression line. Interpret the intercept, slope, coefficient of the determination of the regression line. Is there a significant relationship? Predict the response variable for one unit outside the range of your data. Write a conclusion–backed up by the data in this analysis




Sample Solution