Renegade Kids, Suburban Outlaws: From Youth Culture to Delinquency

Ted Talk:…

  1. Suburban outlaws are not just part of a youth culture, instead they represent an extreme delinquency that starts with suburban school shooters. As they “leave their marks for all to see” what is the rationale for their violence? Is it simply that they are disaffected youth? Explain why or why not. Is it social and cultural alienation? Explain why or why not. What can we do as a society to change this culture of juvenile violence? Use information from the chapters to answer these questions.
  2. Consider the clear similarities to the transitional time of the 1990s and of the mid to late 2010s. As Wooden & Blazak claim, there was a belief that “the safe-cocoon of middle-class youth was eroding.” Respond to this statement taking the time to consider what the authors have to say about increased pessimism and the American Dream and how this is relevant in 2018. What political, social and economic forces make this true today?

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