Write a detailed response to one peer in response to their dissemination plan. Response provides guidance for the development of the dissemination plan.

For admitted patients requiring an inpatient bed that are boarding in the emergency department, if we implement nursing-driven initiatives, compared to our current practice, will we see a decrease in average throughput times of at least one hour over the course of a six-month period?
Dissemination is the third phase of the cycle of scientific development. Dissemination is important because it propels new knowledge to be translated to patient care; as nurses, we have a responsibility to participate in the process of dissemination (Schmidt & Brown, pg. 526). For my dissemination plan, it’s important for me to keep in mind that it must be “targeted at the needs of the nurses who will use the information” in order to ensure that it will be adopted and integrated into patient care (Schmidt & Brown, 2015, page. 506). I should choose an effective plan that might include presenting in a paper, poster, or presentation. I would prefer to publish my data in professional journals that target my population of nurses: in order to be the most effective. Nurses that I want to read this information include; Chief Nursing Officers, House Supervisors, Emergency Department Directors and management, and other nurses in leadership positions that make decisions regarding throughput policies. Examples of professional journals might include: Nurse Leader, Journal of Emergency Nursing, Journal of Nursing Administration, or through the American Organization of Nurse Executives. I believe that through these channels, dissemination of my findings would be most successful. Schmidt and Brown (2015) point out to us, “EBP cannot evolve unless communication channels in the societal system are used to effectively bring about change” (p. 506). If I failed to disseminate my findings, no one would have a reason to develop further theories or conduct additional research about ED throughput.


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