Report On France

(1 page) Based on your findings and research of Stage 1 and 2, choose a company and a product that exists in Canada that can be exported to France/ that the class would be interested in about and understandable. You must research how the company currently operates. In this section, you must include the following:

Canadian Company Chosen:
Product Chosen:
Destination Importing Country Is: France
A paragraph explaining why you chose this product to be exported to France. Describe why you think this is vuable business idea.

Write each section in report style (headings/subheadings and paragraphs). You may use tables, graphs, bullets etc to enhance the presentation of the material BUT they must be introduced and referred to in the body of your report. Your report must include the following:

-name, address, location
-ownership structure (publicly traded, privaely held etc.)
-members of the company board and /or management and their biographies (including any previous business and export experience)
-corporate structure (including a diagram)
-history of the company, espically export experience (in addition to the company website check the company listing in the Canadian Company Capabilities (google this) section of Industry Canada

Marketing Mix – as it currently exists in Canada
-Produt (features and benefits, buyer motivation for purchasing the product, service plans)
-Price (sales and cost; pricing strategy)
-Promotion (internet presence, PR as well as advertising and ny other means of communication with the customer)
-Place (distribution)

The amount of sources can be more than 5 sources

Knowledge: ( /10)
-thorough knowledge of company and no omissions or errors
Application: ( /10)
-applies and describes the marketing mix for a selected product with a high degree of effectiveness
Thinking: ( /10)
-assesses export experience with a high degree of effectiveness
-more than 5 sources all of which are credible
Communication: ( /10)
-expresses and organizes information with a high degree of effectiveness – appropriate use of business terminology
-all facts are cited (in text citations)
-Reference page is complete and error free
-Font is times new roman in 12 font
-Other formatting such as headings and subheadings are consistent and professional

Sample Solution