Republican views on Sanctuary Cities

Write a point-counterpoint analysis about the current immigration issue, Sanctuary Cities. Point-Counterpoint is similar to debate, but in this case you will present at least three different ways of looking at your topic. You may take a political approach, and discuss the Republican, Democratic, and one other (Libertarian, Green Party, etc.) platform on the topic.

For this part, you are assigned to write in a Republican point of view. Your analysis should be comprehensive and must include policy options/proposals. Below is the matrix.

A. Analysis 1- Republican
i. Description – History of Republican views from the past up to present, background of the issue, what are they doing now
ii. Strengths – Strengths of the Republican, include their concerns regarding budget, the crimes involving illegal immigration, and other issues regarding sanctuary cities
iii. Weaknesses – weaknesses of the republican, include issues such as human rights, etc.

Sample Solution