Research Analysis

Your research paper will have many parts to it. This part, the research paper proposal, combines. It is a helpful way of organizing your findings when working on a research paper. In your proposal, you will examine the current research on your topic, make a case for the research you are going to do As this assignment is directed towards your scholarly peers, you may assume your audience has a casual familiarity with the topic.

As a note, though you may encounter sources that do not pertain to your topic, you should only include sources relevant and useful to your paper.

Utilizing APA format, you will write a paper proposal of at least 2000 words, containing these sections:

Introduction: Your introduction should be two to three paragraphs, and it should address the following questions:

  • What is the research problem?
  • How will you analyze the research problem?
  • Why is your research important? What is the impact of your research paper?

Review of Literature
Your Review of Literature section should:

  1. Utilize headings

Body Section:

Your Body section should identify the major findings of the evidence you utilized in your research. Every time you mention an article for the first time, you should provide a one to two sentence summary. All paragraphs will consist of more than one source, and your paragraphs will be organized around the major themes that arise as common with your research. Use comparative terms to demonstrate for the reader the relationships between the pieces of available research on the topic. Indicate agreement and disagreement about your topic. Indicate bias and faulty research methods or logic evident in research on your topic. Compare and contrast the various findings, arguments, theories, and methodologies in the literature. Essentially, you will offer what has been said about your topic, how what has been said connects or doesn’t, how what has been said is flawed or not, and what more could be said on this topic. You must indicate an necessary missing component in the current literature. In short, why does your paper need to be written?


Your conclusion section should argue what you believe to be the summary of your findings from the literature review. You should also explain your belief on the current state of literature on this topic, where it might be lacking and what future research might need to be done.

Research Design and Methods
Your Research Design and Methods section should:

  • Specify the research process you will undertake and the way you analyze and interpret the results, as they relate to your research problem
  • Identify how these your methods of research are the best way to investigate the research problem
  • Anticipate potential barriers and pitfalls in your research plan, explain potential challenges to obtaining necessary information

Preliminary Suppositions and Implications:

Your Preliminary Suppositions and Implications section should:

  • Argue in what way your research paper will refine, revise, or extend existing knowledge or research of the issues involved with your research problem
  • Examine the implication and impact of the possible results
  • Identify and analyze the groups that will benefit from your research
  • Clarify what innovations or transformative insights might emerge from your process


Your conclusion should argue

  • Why your research paper needs to be written
  • What the specific purpose of your paper is and the research question you are attempting to answer
  • Potential implications emerging from your proposed examination of the research problem
  • How your research paper fits within the broader scholarship about the research problem


  • Include an alphabetical list of your references used in correct APA format

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