Research design and Proposed Methods

Hong Kong ranks eighth among the world’s richest cities(Which year?), but it is also the society with the largest gap between the rich and the poor in the world. As a welfare society, the Hong Kong government is committed to reducing poverty and narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor. (Suggest to review the annual reports by the Commission on Poverty to examine the situation of poverty in HK).
In order to help poor families more directly, effectively and quickly in the short term, the Hong Kong government has introduced a social security system to provide financial and material assistance to the public in need. The Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme is one of the most important measures to help low-income poor families directly and quickly, and the Support for Self-reliance (SFS) Scheme is to help (Need to comment on these by making reference to different perspectives.) the poor people to get independent from poverty in the long term to avoid dependence.

Research Objectives & Research Questions
Critically examine the effectiveness and shortcomings of the Social Security assistance program.
How effective is the Social Security Assistance program in helping poor families, and what are the potential shortcomings behind it?(In tackling the livelihood of the poor people?)

(These two comments look repetitive, suggest to take these as your objectives:

  1. To understand the contents and implementation of the CSSA in HK
  2. To examine the effectiveness and shortcomings of CSSA in supporting those people in need
  3. To propose recommendation on refining the policy.)

Research design & Proposed Methods(Should also make reference to some overseas examples on poverty alleviation in social security): In this paper, I will mainly check the relevant policies and regulations through the official government website and the Legislative Council, and then evaluate the effectiveness of the program through official data(Commission on Poverty,

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