Research/Evidence Based Practice

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:
1. Synthesize evidence for practice to determine appropriate application of interventions across diverse populations. Perform rigorous critique of evidence derived from databases to generate meaningful evidence for nursing practice.
2. Integrate theory, evidence, clinical judgment, research, and interprofessional perspectives using translational processes to improve practice and associated health outcomes for patient aggregates.
3. Advocate for the ethical conduct of research and translational scholarship (with particular attention to the protection of the patient as a research participant).
4. Articulate to a variety of audiences the evidence base for practice decisions, including the credibility of sources of information and the relevance to the practice problem confronted.
Student Learning Outcomes linked with NURS 5311:
1. Conduct a comprehensive and systematic assessment as a foundation for decision-making (SLO 1)
2. Establish therapeutic relationships to negotiate patient-centered, culturally appropriate, evidence-based goals and modalities of care by advocating for patients, families, caregivers, communities, and members of the healthcare team




























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