Research in the News

Research in the News ( Writer to make a more preferable topic)

Please note that, because this is a Social Work Research Course, this assignment seeks to focus on the Research in the news more than an exploration of the social issue itself. Please Focus on the research and the reporting of the research. Citation of relevant course articles is expected in this assignment. ( I have uploaded some course articles for you to use – it’s essential you incorporate course articles into this assignment) Also please remember to Please pick an issue that relates to the course objective and description such as social Justice issue. I have also uploaded some links to class lectures and class notes, for you to go through, to give you a better idea on what the course is all about and a stronger understanding of the course objectives. Please APA format is very important to be used on this work. Although You are required to use mostly course articles, one or two outside articles are welcomed to be used. I have uploaded a detail instruction document for this assignment. Please send me a message if you may have any questions. Thank you for picking my order. Don’t forget to include the link to the news article you used for this assignment, as requested in the instructions.

Research in the news (35%)

The objective of this midterm assignment is To apply course concepts to a current example of research in the news. Find a news report online or in print that presents or cites research on an issue related to social work. Can include research on social, health, economic, political issues for example. Provide your critical social work critique of the research and the reporting of the research. How has research been used as knowledge creation?

Submit a review of the research in the news in a paper 5 pages or less (double space) addressing the following:

• Based on the information provided in the news article; describe the research including the knowledge claims, how the research was conducted and presented and what you perceive to be the theoretical framework behind the research. In some instances you can also locate the original research being cited in the news.

• What are your views about the research and the researchers?

• What are your views on the reporting of the research and how the research is being used as
knowledge creation?

• Provide a link to your news article and a citation. If you locate the original research source(s) these links and citations should also be included.

Please take note

• Because this is a research course, this assignment seeks to focus on the research in the news more than an exploration of the social issue itself. Focus on the research and the reporting of the research. Citation of relevant course readings is expected in this assignment.

Content of the paper (e.g., the extent to which
assignment requirements are fulfilled). 40%

Depth of your critical social work analysis and
critical thinking. 30%

Demonstrated use of course concepts related to
knowledge creation and critical appraisal of
research. 20%

Clarity of writing or presentation. Appropriate
use of APA or another academically acceptable style. 10%

Course Calendar Description:

An introduction to research as social justice work. Students will learn about a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, with an emphasis on Indigenous, critical and anti-oppressive approaches. Students will be engaged in critically analyzing what counts as knowledge, developing alternative ways of understanding social issues, redefining the relationship between researchers and participants, and developing skills in data collection, data analysis and proposal writing.

Course Text: ( All other course articles are uploaded. – please reference course articles )

Wilson, S. (2008). Research is ceremony: Indigenous research methods. Winnipeg, MB:
Fernwood Publishing.

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