Research Literature, Design, Sampling, and Implementation

Describe the target population • Identify the sampling method as being either probability or nonprobability • Provide a complete description of the sampling procedure including: o Sample size o Inclusion criteria o Exclusion criteria • Identify one advantage to the selected sampling procedure • Identify one disadvantage to the selected sampling procedure • Explain how participants’ rights will be protected including confidentiality, anonymity, protection from harm, and informed consent •

Describe the PDSA Change Model • Explain why this change model is best suited for implementation of your evidence-based nursing practice solution/change • Apply each step of the PDSA Change Model to implementing the proposed practice solution/change • Explain how to overcome one barrier to the use of the EBP results from this project • Explain how an environment that supports EBP can be fostered in your future practice setting • Include a scholarly reference(s) for the PDSA Change Model





Sample Solution