Research Methodologies,Assessments,and Theories of Family Violence

Paul and Mary have been married for 20 years and have two children (6 year old Jason and 12 year old Pamela). Since Paul’s diagnosis of cancer over 8 years ago, he has been having difficulty sleeping, his appetite has been significantly reduced to only eating lunch every day, he lost three jobs in the past year due to making mistakes and not focusing while at work and isolates himself in his room where he cries almost every night. When his wife and children try to connect and comfort him and encourage him to get help, he becomes very angry and verbally lashes out at them. Within the past year, Paul’s anger has gotten worse and has escalated from throwing items against the wall, to punching holes in the wall to shoving his wife and excessively using corporal punishment with both of his children. Last week, both parents were called by the school guidance counselor for a meeting to address Jason’s aggressive behavior in school towards other students in his class. The parents were informed that a few days ago, Jason pushed a child on the playground and started yelling at him. Also, when he gets frustrated in class, he breaks his pencils out of anger. When Jason was asked to join the meeting, his parents asked him why he would engage in physical aggression with other students, he said that when he gets angry and pushes students, they seem to stop teasing him and he gets respect from them.

  1. State the various micro-theories that explain violence from the scenario above.
  2. When you identify a specific theory, justify the theory by information from the scenario
  3. Viewing this family from a systems theory, how will you go about helping this family.

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