Research Methodology

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A. Select one of the examples listed and identify a specific research question/problem statement as it relates to one of examples. (1-3 sentences) B. Provide a brief background of the problem. (paragraph) C. What specific research design would you use? (Qualitative/Quantitative/Mixed) D What methodology would be most appropriate to answer your question? (What strategies will you use to address the question?) E. Identify your variables and operationally define them if appropriate. (subjects= male/female, age, demographic (new patients, new mother, etc.), whatever you will use to define your subjects) F. Identify your target population and your sampling plan. (where will you conduct this plan and how will you recruit/gather your information) G. How will you collect your data? (How will you document your findings) H. How will you analyze your data? (What statistical tools will you use and why) I. What steps would you take to protect your subjects?


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