• Completed Annotation in MS Words or Pdf format.

Annotation Format

Your article annotation should have four sections as described below:

Section 1 – Article Information Marks: 1

  1. Title of the Article
  2. Name of the Author(s)
  3. Source of the Article
    a. Journal Name

b. Publication Details – Year, Volume, Issue, and page nos.

Section 2 – Preliminary Analysis (1 Paragraph). Marks: 2

  1. Purpose of Research – summarize aim of the study and specific research objectives
  2. Nature of Research – is the study exploratory, descriptive, causal?
  3. Model – describe the model proposed in the study
  4. Conclusion – summarize the major findings of the study.

Section 3 – Methods & Empirics (3 Paragraphs). Marks: 3

  1. Research Method – describe in detail the research method used in this study.
    If the author(s) does not discuss the research method in detail, or the explanation is not clear from the article, please refer to external sources.
  2. Data Collection
    a. Identify the prime mode of data collection.
    b. Describe the process of data collection.
    c. Discuss the measuring instrument.
  3. Sampling Technique
    a. Identify the target population.
    b. Describe the sampling technique.
    c. Assess how well the sample represents the population.
    1. Evaluating Qualitative Research – Trustworthiness. Describe the efforts made by the researcher(s) to
      relate to Credibility (parallels internal validity); Dependability (parallels external validity); Transferability
      (parallels reliability); Confirmability (parallels objectivity).

d. Describe the tools used for analyzing the data.

Section 4 – Critical Review (2 Paragraphs). Marks: 4

Use this space to note your overall evaluation of the article. In your opinion, how good this article was compared to other articles, either in the discipline/area, or in the same journal.

Sample Solution