Research Methods: Theory and Case Study Application

Question 1: Explain and critically analyse the research methodology used by the researchers.
You should explain the research design i.e. Qualitative/Quantitative/Mixed as well as the methods used to collect and analyse the data. Was this appropriate to answer the research question and if so why? For example what are the strengths and weaknesses of the approach, the methods and the data used. What other approach and methods could be used to answer the same research question and what would this involve? This section should be very detailed.

Question 2: What do the authors suggest are the key findings and how do you think they could be utilised by a security manager?
You should outline the key overarching findings and explain which would be useful to a secuirty manager as well as justify why.

Question 3: What consideration should be given to ethics when using already existing data as well as when collecting new data?
You should discuss and explain the importance of ethical research and outline what this should involve and why (in this research or any other).

Question 4: The article suggests “Further work can now progress and refine these findings to uncover more specific opportunities through more nuanced analysis of populations and variables” (Porter and Graycar, 2016, p.439). What design might such further research take and why?





Sample Solution