Research on on yahoo finance or any other financial website

On this paper you must research the selected stock which is on yahoo finance or any other financial website

Technology Stock (
1) For the “technology” stock I have selected ( EBAY.COM) , provide an update of the stock price history through the last week. Compare to the broader indexes over the same time period (since the beginning of the Fall 2018) and discuss how your company performed as compared to the markets. Use more than one index to compare like or other related Stocks (1 – 2 paragraphs)
2) Review the quarterly earnings which were released during the semester for your company and summarize the quarter’s performance versus last year (minimum 2-3 paragraphs).
3) Based on the limited knowledge you have about this company, give this stock a buy, sell or hold recommendation. Compare with the analysts’ opinions for this company if possible. Discuss as fully as possible, using whatever information you can obtain to support your opinion.
















































































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