Research Portfolio


Research Portfolio (2000 words per student) The Research Portfolio requires you to strategically investigate a worldwide corporation. The case selected for the portfolio is the Thales Group. Your Research Portfolio may be attempted individually, or in a group of not more than five (5) persons. The word limit for individuals is 2000 words. The word limit for groups is 2000 per person. The Research Portfolio should demonstrate reference to at least ten (10) peer reviewed academic journal articles. Case Briefing Note: The Thales (Pronounced “Tallus”) Group employs 64,000 people in 56 countries in the Aerospace, Space, Ground Transportation, Defence, and Security industries. 34,000 of these people are employed in France. Your task is to analyse and report on the origins, structure, and strategy of the Thales Group and comment on its strategic strengths and weaknesses. Your research will find that Thales produces: 1) the Bushmaster and Hawkei protected vehicles in the small regional town of Bendigo, in Victoria, Australia; 2) Space, aerospace, communications and data systems in France; 3) Tactical electronics systems in the USA; 4) Other related systems around the world. Your response should carefully consider the relevant rubric in the Subject Learning Guide and include the following: 1) An introduction 2) A detailed explanation of Thales’ background; 3) A PESTEL analysis describing the business landscape upon which Thales operates in at least three countries, two of which must be France and Australia; 4) Identification of at least two key competitors to Thales and a Five Forces analysis showing the positioning of these competitors; 5) A Business Level Strategic analysis of Thales protected vehicles division (Bendigo), with your strategic perspective on the advantages and disadvantages of locating this division in a small regional town; 6) A Business Level Strategic analysis of Thales cyber-security division, with your strategic perspective on how to ensure the best human talent is attracted to this division worldwide; 7) An explanation of the benefits of Thales strategic relationships, inclusive of at least one major shareholder and one merger and acquisition; 8) A conclusion; 9) A Harvard compliant bibliography and in-text references from at least 10 peer reviewed journals.

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