Research Powerpoint

For Assignment 2 you are to research three institutions that offer nursing graduate programs of your interest.
You will then develop a PowerPoint presentation to your peers reviewing these programs. This assignment will
be submitted for grading via the assignment link.
Institution Description: (50 pts)
For each institution, describe the following:
• Name of each institution
• Graduate program of interest
• Type of program (on-line, in-person, out-of-state)
• Admission requirements
• Website
• Application deadline
• Cost of attendance
• GRE requirements
Summary: (25 pts)
• Summarize and discuss what you learned from researching each institution you selected.
• Discuss which institution is most appealing to you and explain why.
PowerPoint Format: (25 pts)
• APA 7th ed. Format (include title slide, in-text citations, reference slide)
• Length- minimum of 10 slides and maximum of 15 slides (not including title and
reference page).
• Slides use pictures and are not jumbled with too many words
• Each slide uses speaker notes (in the notes section).
• A minimum of four (4) scholarly references.

Sample Solution